Automatic welding machine

M-300 machine can be used for welding in all the welding positions using solid wire or flux-cored wire under shielding gas. EWS LLC renders comprehensive technical support and maintenance of M-300 welding machines.

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Automatic welding machine M-300


Internal welding machine

Root pass welding using internal line-up clamp – welding station. IWM ensures lining and clamping of a joint and performs automatic welding of root pass inside the pipe. Our specialists are ready to assist you in operations.

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Internal welding machine IWM


Dual torches systems

Use of dual torches automatic welding machine instead of a single arc ensures higher overlaying rate during a single pass and significant increase of welding rate.

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Dual torches automatic welding machine P-600


Pipe facing machines

The machine is characterized by high quality of beveling. Pipe ends cold beveling for welding ensures higher quality of the weld joint.

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Pipe facing machines PFM

About «EWS» company

Eurasia Welding Service LLC is the only authorized representative of CRC-Evans company in the Russian Federation and is entitled to perform maintenance and project support services, expert appraisal of the welding equipment and procedures, development of welding procedures using CRC-Evans AW equipment. For a long-term period, EWS LLC co-operates with major customers in respect to welding, technical support and maintenance issues for CRC-Evans AW P-200, P-260, P-600, P-625 (P-700), IWM, PFM and М-300 welding systems. Welding, technical support and maintenance of CRC-Evans welding equipment is performed by well-trained qualified specialists that have vast operational experience related to trunk pipelines construction projects.

Eurasia Welding Service LLC provides complex solutions and services in the field of automatic welding for construction and reconstruction of oil gas transportation, storage and processing facilities. The company has a large staff of highly skilled technical personnel specialized in automatic welding for several decades.

Core activities

Work arrangement

Work arrangement

Arranging welding operations using automatic welding trains and on pipe-laying vessels.



Rendering engineering support at the qualification stage and during the whole project.



Ensuring technical serviceability and uninterruptible operation of the equipment in-field.



Installation and welding works related to trunk pipelines construction.



Arranging welding trains to attain the required production rate and quality.



Training of welders and service engineers.

Automatic welding train operations schematic arrangement

Automatic welding train operations schematic arrangement

1. Pipe ends beveling using PFM machine and setting guide belts for external welding torches;
2. Mobile maintenance station;
3. Joint line-up by installation of internal line-up and welding station IWM and performance of root pass and hot pass welding;
4. Hot pass welding by external welding torches M-300, P-600, P-625 (P-700);
5. Fill passes welding by external welding torches M-300, P-600, P-625 (P-700);
6. Cap welding by external welding torches M-300, P-600, P-625 (P-700).

Completed Projects

Our specialists participated in construction of various trunk pipelines, including international projects.

Saryarka trunk gas pipeline system»

Saryarka trunk gas pipeline system

Customer: KazStroyService
Period: from March 2019 to September 2019
Length: 900 km
Joints: over 70000

Saryarka trunk gas pipeline is designed for gas supply to Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), Central and Northern regions of Kazakhstan. Construction commenced in November 2018. The first stage provides for construction of 1061 km pipeline section along the route Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan-Karaganda-Temirtau-Astana.

TurkStream trunk gas pipeline system

TurkStream trunk gas pipeline system

Customer: SPK TechnoConsult
Period: from April 2019 to August 2019
Length: 48 km
Joints: 4000

Construction of trunk gas pipeline from the border of Bulgaria to the border of Hungary, KP 150-198 section in the Republic of Serbia related with performance of contract under 1220 mm, wall thickness – 14 mm and 17 mm.

Strachocina – Pogórska Wola trunk gas pipeline system

Strachocina – Pogórska Wola trunk gas pipeline system

Customer: NDI Energy sp. Z o. O
Period: 2019
Length:98 km
Joints: 5700

Completion of welding and installation works for Strachocina - Pogórska Wola (Poland) gas pipeline DN1000 designed for maximum operating pressure of 8.4 MPa.

Khazzan gas pipeline construction (Oman)

Khazzan gas pipeline construction

Customer: GPS BP
Period: 2017
Length: 67 km
Diameter: 36 inches

Khazzan gas field was discovered in 2000 and developed by BP company. (Oman)

Al-Zour gas pipeline construction

Al-Zour gas pipeline construction

Customer: AlZour
Period: 2018
Length: 454 km
Diameter: 24, 30, 34/36 inches

Al-Zour oil refinery is a refinery under construction in Kuwait.

Dangote oil pipeline construction

Dangote oil pipeline construction

Period: 2019
Length: 36 km (offshore section)
Diameter: 48 inches

Dangote oil refinery is a complex oil refining and petrochemical project designed for capacity of 650,000 barrels per day. The refinery is under construction in the free area of Lekki near Lagos in Nigeria.

TurkStream gas pipeline construction

TurkStream gas pipeline construction

Customer: Tekfen
Period: 2018
Length: 294 км
Diameter: 40 inches

TurkStream is currently executed international gas pipeline project from Anapa district in Krasnodar Krai of Russia along the Black Sea bed to the European part of Turkey that will allow Turkey to become a gas hub and will significantly improve reliability of gas supply for Europe.

EGPDF 48 gas pipeline construction

EGPDF 48 gas pipeline construction

Customer: Cosider, ENAC
Period: 2018-2019
Length: 450 km
Diameter: 30 inches

On September 12, 2018, construction works were commenced for expansion of EGPDF pipeline at the departure terminal El Aricha (Naama) up to arrival terminal Beni Saf (Ain Témouchent) via Tlemcen, with total value of 31.59 bln. DZD.

Gas pipeline construction in India

Gas pipeline construction in India

Customer: Punj Lloyd Ltd, KSS, H-Energy
Period: 2018
Length: 100 km
Diameter: 36 inches

  • project 1

    Gas pipeline construction

    Saryarka trunk gas pipeline system, Kazakhstan

  • project 2

    Gas pipeline construction

    TurkStream, Serbia

  • project 3

    Gas pipeline construction

    Strachocina – Pogórska Wola, Poland

  • project 4

    Gas pipeline construction

    Khazzan, Oman

  • project 1

    Gas pipeline construction

    Al-Zour, Kuwait

  • project 6

    Oil pipeline construction

    Dangote, Nigeria

  • project 7

    Gas pipeline construction

    TurkStream, Turkey

  • Gas pipeline construction. EGPDF 48, Algeria

    Gas pipeline construction

    EGPDF 48, Algeria

  • Gas pipeline construction, India

    Gas pipeline construction


Our employees

Our specialists participated in construction of various trunk pipelines, including international projects.

team 1

Sergey A. Yakimov

Technical Director

Technical director is one of the key positions in any company related with immediate production process. The employee holding this position is the immediate manager of the production process. Therefore, a lot of requirements and duties are required for the position.

team 1

Sergey V. Sipachev

Head of Department

Ensures performance of capital construction operations of the company, targeted and rational use of investment resources, allocating funds for company assets retrofitting and upgrading, focusing on start-up facilities, and reducing scope of construction in progress.

team 1

Olga V. Chernyaeva

HR Manager

HR Manager is a specialist in charge for staffing in the company. HR Manager is relatively new position emerged from the “West” countries in 1990s in our country and replaced so called “personnel officers”.

Company experience:

Co-operation with such companies like STNG (StroyTransNefteGaz) corporate group, SGM (StroyGazMontazh) corporate group, subsidiaries and affiliated companies of SGM corporate group, as well as with foreign partners such as KazStroyService OGCC JSC, SMT-2050 LLC, NDI ENERGY Sp. z o.o., NDI S.A., Somico in respect to provision of technical support and maintenance services for CRC-Evans packages, including implementation of the projects for trunk pipelines welding using automatic, semi-automatic and manual arc welding packages.

Experience in numbers

  • 100 000 joints welded.

  • 1200 km pipelines constructed during the year.

  • Staff number – 100 persons.

International experience

Our employees have relevant experience of operations in various regions and countries in the world, such as: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, France, Algeria, Iraq, UAE, China, India, Serbia, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia.

Certificates, Authorizations and Approvals.

  • Declaration of Conformity of work environment to the occupational safety requirements
  • Certificate of Conformity to
    GOST R
    ISO 9001-2015
    (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Extract from
    the register of
    organization members

References from our customers

We are happy that we have strong and trusting relations with the most of our customers that makes us more than partners and the customers became our friends.

“During the period from March 2019 to September 2019, over 1000 km of Saryarka trunk gas pipeline was welded in co-operation with the specialists of Eurasia Welding Service LLC. We would like to acknowledge responsible and professional approach to work performance by the specialists of Eurasia Welding Service LLC.”

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Saryarka trunk gas pipeline Ivan Korniyenko Project Manager in charge of Saryarka trunk gas pipeline

“SPK TechnoConsult company engaged EWS LLC starting from April 2019 and up to present time for performing welding and installation works and for technical support of CRC-Evans equipment during construction of the gas pipeline from the border of Hungary in the Republic of Serbia under TurkStream project.”

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SPK TechnoConsult Ivan KabayevGeneral Director at SPK TechnoConsult DOO Beograd

“Lengazspetsstroy JSC acknowledges
Eurasia Welding Service LLC
for its professional and responsible
approach for rendering technical
support for CRC-Evans automatic
welding packages and associated
equipment at the trunk pipelines construction facilities.”

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LGSS JSC S. V. NikolayevChief Engineer at LGSS JSC

We honor our clients and their decision to cooperate with us. We are concerned of opinions of our customers regarding our company and acknowledgement of our work quality.

Our partners

Company details

Company name: Eurasia Welding Service LLC

Company short name: EWS LLC

Legal address: 5A, st. Gapsalskaya, office 106, Saint-Petersburg, 198035

Postal address: 148, Varshavskoye shosse, office 507, Moscow, 117519

Taxpayer Identification Number: 7802668099, Tax Reason Code (KPP): 780501001

Phone: +7 (495) 120-45-55

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148, Varshavskoye shosse, office 507, Moscow, 117519

5A, st. Gapsalskaya, office 106, Saint-Petersburg, 198035

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